Mature Families

Once the children are a bit older, the home loan is under control or you've reached a more senior level in your career, you will move to a point where you want to start looking seriously at creating wealth for you and your family. Usually, in these instances the most important things to consider are:

• Personal insurance – Over time, your need for personal insurance should decrease. As your children get closer to independence, your mortgage reduces and your other assets increase, your need for insurance should hopefully reduce. However, you are still reliant on your income to continue to meet your living expenses so personal insurance remains important. 

• Wealth creation – Usually, mature families want to start seriously looking at creating wealth for themselves. We can put a plan in place to help you on your path to wealth creation.

• Superannuation – Although we believe superannuation is important at all stages of life, it starts to really become important as you get a bit older. Your balance is starting to grow to become a significant asset so you want to make sure the investments are appropriate and the fees are low. 

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