Enjoying Retirement

Retirees often find themselves so busy enjoying retirement that they want to pass the management of their finances off to a professional. At Precision Wealth Management, we are able to help you enjoy your golden years.

Once retired, you are reliant on the wealth you have created. Generally, the most important aspects for those enjoying retirement are:

• Superannuation / Pensions – Usually, most of your wealth is inside the superannuation environment either as a pension or still in the accumulation phase. Making sure your superannuation has appropriate investments for you at the lowest cost is important. We also need to make sure it is structured to give you sufficient income to meet your goals and provide the best taxation and Centrelink outcomes. 

• Centrelink – Most retirees receive part of their income as an Age Pension from Centrelink. Correct advice can increase your Centrelink entitlement, which can help to give you greater retirement income.

• Estate planning – It is also important to have your estate plan up-to-date to ensure your assets will be distributed in accordance with your wishes. A good estate plan involves the intended beneficiaries so the best outcome is experienced by all.

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