Investment Philosophy


 How we successfully invest for our clients

The investment world is very complex. There are endless new products being created being pushed to investors as the new 'silver bullet' by salesman. Well, the truth is there is no silver bullet and risk and return are related, so if you are being sold something as low risk and high return, it is probably high risk and you’ll likely get a low return.

The good thing about being completely independent from any product provider or investment manager is that we are completely unconflicted and recommend only what we truly believe is the very best investment solutions for our investors, and it’s really quite simple.  If you acknowledge markets are unpredictable, but offer a reward over the long term, and if you don’t fall prey to media distractions or expose yourself to unproven methods, it is possible to have a very successful investment experience.

There is a notion that to be a successful investor you need to ‘outsmart’ the market and this is just not the case. Efficient market theory suggests that you cannot outsmart the market and any performance in excess of the market is based on luck rather than skill. At Precision Wealth Management all our client portfolios are based on the asset class investing approach. We construct portfolios that reliably deliver the returns of specific asset classes and only taking on risk where financial academics have proven offer a persistent return over the long term.

We only recommend highly diversified transparent portfolios without any complex structures to give clients peace of mind.  None of the funds recommended by Precision Wealth Management became illiquid or ‘blew up’ in the global financial crisis. Volatility is part of investing, but losing all your money or having a fund or single investment become worthless is not.

We have a stringent Investment Philosophy at Precision Wealth Management which we base all our client portfolios on. If you would like to know more and how this will benefit you, please contact us on 1300 200 012.